What can we learn from autosexuals?

An autosexual is someone who is sexually excited by themselves, or who doesn’t need to think about anybody else except themselves for the hottest solo session. 

An autosexual person is not someone who is sexually attracted or aroused by another person. They are happy with themselves just as they are. Even though having sex with another person is pleasurable, they still have a better time touching themselves. 

Similar to any other sexuality, autosexuality has a broad range of experiences and emotions, much like other sexual identities.

So, what can we learn from autosexuals?

Let’s first dive into the definitions and explanations of autosexuals.

What is autosexuality?

Autosexuality refers to those who prefer masturbation over sex with a partner because they are more attracted to themselves. Autosexuality does not imply that a person will never have sex with another person. When someone is self-assured, it suggests they are more sexually aroused by themselves than by other people.

Not much is known about the phenomenon of autosexuality. Everyone tends to be autosexual, even if they don’t admit it. Autosexuality, like other sexual orientations, may exist on a spectrum. Some people are sexually attracted to themselves, enjoy self-stimulation, have sexual fantasies about themselves, and daydream about themselves to the exclusion of other relationships. Someone with these characteristics can have a romantic and sexual relationship with many people at once.

Autosexuality vs Autoromanticism vs Autoeroticism

In addition to sexual and romantic sentiments, sexual orientations encompass all of these sensations. In certain cases, they don’t have to be the same. A person can identify as heterosexual while yet being biromantic, or having romantic affections for two genders. At various points in their lives, people may identify with more than one kind of sexual or romantic orientation.

Autosexuality compared to Autoromanticity

Those who are autoromantic see their connection with themselves as romantic, but those who are autosexual see themselves as having an overwhelming sexual attraction to themselves.

Individuals who are autoromantic see their connection with themselves as one in which they are able to offer and receive love in equal measure. Autoromantic people may be in other relationships, but they also concentrate on treating themselves like a lover, such as purchasing romantic presents for themselves.

Autosexuals are attracted to their own physical selves and bodies. They may compare this to being in a relationship. Others who identify as autosexual are content with self-stimulation and find it both sexually and emotionally satisfying.

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Autosexuality compared to Autoeroticism

Having sex with yourself is a kind of self-eroticism known as masturbation. Because it is an activity rather than a sexual inclination, it is distinct from autosexuality. Autoeroticism is a common and healthy way to express one’s sexuality that is almost always common.

Autosexuality Myths and Misconceptions

The lack of study on autosexuality makes it difficult for outsiders to understand. Some don’t think it’s a legitimate sexual orientation and may dismiss it as narcissism, something unnatural, or even a mental condition. It’s important to remember that sexuality is a complex concept and that everyone has the freedom to pursue their sexual impulses in whichever manner they see fit.

It’s a common misconception that people who identify as autosexual never engage in romantic or sexual interactions with others. Autosexuals may want intimacy with others. They may identify with one or more different sexual orientations, although they prefer self-stimulation most of the time.

After a string of unsuccessful relationships, some people come to terms with the fact that they are autosexual. They may believe that the key to finding love is in developing a close bond with themselves. Others realize that they have a true love affair with themselves, just as they would with a significant other.

Each person has unique experiences and wants, therefore the meaning of “autosexuality” for one person may be very different from another’s definition.

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What You Should Know if You’re Dating an Autosexual

For the relationship to be successful, both sides must communicate effectively. All of your relationships will improve if you can express your thoughts, emotions, desires, requirements, and limits well. Moreover, you need to listen attentively to fully understand the other person.

Autosexuality may mean that a couple agrees to alternate sexual pleasure rather than attempting to achieve it together at the same time. Alternatively, it might refer to the practice of engaging in sexual activity in front of a mirror. If you’re in a relationship with an autosexual, you’re going to have to compromise on certain stuff.

It’s not only a right but also an obligation, to be honest with yourself and your partner and respect each other’s emotions in a relationship.

The partner of an autosexual should not take it personally. As a general rule, an autosexual’s partner is more interested in touching their own body than being touched by someone else. However, this does not mean they are rejecting you. It is important to remember that autosexuals may have sex with other people, but they may only orgasm by themselves.

So how can you make your relationship better?

You can overcome it, even though it may be a little alienating for a partner. Once the autosexual partner is ready to have an orgasm, the other partner can stand back and enjoy the experience. Being the one who ‘delivered’ your partner an orgasm might be as much fun as experiencing one yourself. You may even masturbate with your autosexual partner.

In general, people’s conceptions of what it means to be sexually active are quite inflexible. More freedom to have sexual relationships with individuals who have diverse experiences of sexual stimulation is available if we are willing to be more accepting and recognize that the purpose of any sexual connection is for both partners to do what makes them feel good about themselves.

What Can We Learn From Autosexuals

Being content with yourself and your body is nothing to be ashamed of. Many people have never had an orgasm while someone else was touching them. To be blunt, no one knows your own body better than yourself. And you know how to touch yourself to achieve the most pleasurable orgasm. Which is completely fine, and people should accept it. 

The fact that autosexuals are aware that they like to touch themselves more than they enjoy the touch of other people is liberating in a way. They do not have to pretend to enjoy something they don’t.

The mere freedom of accepting autosexuality is enough. But if we had to pinpoint exactly what we learned from autosexuals, it would be to be okay with who you are and to love your body as it is. At the end of the day, it is your body, and it is the only one you have. 

So, love yourself, and learn to communicate with your partner to let them know exactly what you want (or don’t want).